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26 Years!


Located in beautiful Northwest Georgia

14013 East Hwy 136

LaFayette, GA 30728


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Owner/Instructor Link Casey (the son)

Casey & Son Horseshoeing School with Link Casey as your Master Farrier Instructor

Celebrating 26 years in 2015 since 1989

If you are interested in Hoof Care, Trimming and Shoeing Horses we can help you!

Professional Farrier Courses held 5 days a week, year round.

We are the ONLY Horseshoeing School offering farrier students a flexible schedule of attending on a full-time basis or break up your attendance on a part-time basis

We are all Inclusive with Tuition, 2 meals a day and “clean lodging” on the premises

Horseshoeing, Trimming and Blacksmithing Forge Courses

2 week Horseshoeing I Course for those who want to shoe their own horses….or as an Introduction Course to continue on into the…

6 week Horseshoeing II Course and

12 week Horseshoeing III Course for Professional Farrier Education

Every day is hands-on experience with Horses of all breeds. Trimming for barefoot, shoeing, hot shoeing, cold shoeing, corrective shoeing, gas forges, coal forge work, blacksmithing, steel and aluminum shoes and variety of specialty like rubber and titanium, arc welding, forge welding, hoof repair and bonding, hoof diseases, specialty shoeing for most equine activities or disciplines.   

Indoor and Outdoor facilities provided for all weather in beautiful northwest Georgia

Georgia’s Only Horseshoeing School since 1989

Upon Graduation…Continuing Education Courses are available for graduate students and other working farriers who want to upgrade their farrier certification.

A 6 week Advanced Course: Horseshoeing Higher Education IV Course…is offered here, you will not find this at any other school!!

6, 12 and 6 advanced are all approved by the Veterans Administration.

VA Approval for GI Bill funding and Post 9/11 funding

The Casey & Son Horseshoeing School and the Farriers’ National Research Center and School are providing self-employment for small business persons who want to enter the Equine Industry as Professional Working Farriers and Horseshoers.

Farrier Certification and Testing is available at this school with the BWFA.



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October 26, 2014 Graduates

left to right

Rhett McKown of Atlanta, Georgia used his

Veteran Post 9/11 funding to begin his new career

as BWFA Certified Farrier.

Mitchell Carter of Amherst, Virginia completed a

6 week course to become a BWFA Certified Farrier to begin a new career.

Standing to the right is Link Casey,

Owner and Head Instructor

  Information on EFT Classes click below.

Equine Flexion Therapy Course For Owners & Farriers


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Excellent photos from a typical class day


Barns from the house view 11.17.11 003Barns finished, fall 10.30.2011 004Barns from the house view 11.17.11 016

Read articles written by or about our students here  

Comment from a visitor from Tennessee

I really enjoyed coming down to visit your school on Saturday. I am very impressed with your school and your programs. I plan to start attending in January on the first weekend. You  answered all of my questions and made my wife and I feel very comfortable, You seem to have exactly the programs to get me started in the Farrier Business and I could also continue my education to the fullest at your school. Your location works well for me to come often with my work schedule and that is a big help to me. I really enjoy working with horses and feel this will be a very good move for me.

Hope to see you soon.

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